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Library at a Glance Well equipped, state of art library, housed in 1116.40 Sq.mtrs. is a unique feature of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering Kolhapur. The Management of the College lays special emphasis on developing ‘Reading Culture’ amongst students, in view of which library is stocked with 24352 Books , 5020 Book Titles & 1799 Reference Books and 541 e-Books to meet the demand from students and faculty. ‘Addition’ is a continuous process on recommendations from faculty and due approval from Principal: Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Management generously sanctions budget to meet entire demand of the library. Number of useful Periodicals, National and International Journals are always added in the library, presently 193 ASPP(IEEE) E-Journals, 42 National Journals and 11 Periodicals, are subscribed and newspapers are also made available for all. We have NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) 8455 IIT Video Lecture Series. Library have DELNET and NDLI membership, students will get books of various subjects, Journals, Thesis, Audio and Video which is access easily. In addition to this CDs are also made available to students. We also have a Book-Bank and Social-Welfare Book-Bank facility (for reserved category) students. To increase computer culture amongst student community an Digital library is developed for students. A special ‘Reading Section’ with 600 students capacity is developed which is kept open up to 12 p.m. during examination period. Student community of the college is very happy with the library facilities of the college and Principal take keen interest in disciplined functioning of the library.

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