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First Year / General Engineering



The intake capacity for first year is 330 students. This department consists of 10 well equipped laboratories and highly qualified, experienced teaching faculty. The department focuses on the overall development of students including fundamental understanding of basic principles and dimensions through theory and practice, personality development, communication skills, soft skills, etiquette and manners etc. Parental affection and care is provided to all the students by faculty members. Student counseling sessions are arranged so as to build confidence and approach for engineering in first year students. The department is motivated to achieve excellence in academics.


To be recognized as leaders in Engineering education & explore innovative learning opportunities for application of knowledge to benefit society.


  • To be amongst one of the premier Institute of Engineering.
  • To prepare students for professional careers & advance studies in the field of Engineering.
  • To impart quality education and disseminate global issues to students for serving the society.
  • To create a tech-savvy campus and provide industry centric education.



S.No. Name of classroom CLASS Area in Sq.M.
1 Department Office ---- 10
2 Lecture Hall-01 ---- 86
3 Lecture Hall-02 ---- 86
4 Lecture Hall-03 ---- 83
5 Lecture Hall-04 ---- 83
6 Drawing Hall ---- 132
7 Tutorial Room ---- 33



S.No. Name of Laboratory Area Cost
1 Engineering Chemistry 127 Rs.1,62,815/-
2 Engineering Physics 100 Rs.5,77,155/-
3 Basic Electrical Engineering 114 Rs.2,93,264/-
4 Basic Civil Engineering 80 Rs.2,61,035/-
5 Applied Mechanics 72 Rs.76,280/-
6 Basic Mechanical Engineering 66 Rs.81,800/-
7 Langauge Laboratory 66 Rs.8,09,748/-
8 Basic Electronics Engineering 80 Rs.4,40,460/-
9 Computer Center 150 Rs.29,53,330/-
10 Workshop 220 Rs.11,47,907/-


1075 Rs.68,03,794/-

Curriculum Activities


Students Achievements

Sr. No.

Name of the student



Patil  Sharvari  Uttam

Shivaji University Merit Scholarship for F.E.to S.E. examination held in March/April 2015-16


Patil  Priyanka  Gopal

Shivaji University Merit Scholarship for F.E.to S.E. examination held in March/April 2015-16


Shinde  Rushikesh  Ram

Won 1st Prize in GFX at INFINITY2K17


Shinde  Rushikesh  Ram

Won 2nd Prize in CREANTURES2K17

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