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DTE Institute Code: 6288

Electronics And Telecommunication


Salient Features of Department

A world is becoming a global village due to easy means of Electronics and communication. The field of Electronics and Telecommunication plays an important role in every day's life. Television, mobile, e-mail, microwave etc. are some examples. With the help of electronics it is possible to communicate from one point to multi point. Abundant opportunities are available to Electronics graduates in the expanding field of engineering & service industry as it the backbone of technology.

Major Highlights of the department:

 1. Experienced and professionally qualified staff with innovative approach towards giving creative solutions to the students.

 2. Continuous feedbacks, Guidance & Motivations from Principal, Management and Head of department.

 3. Student centric approach.

 4. Ergonomically oriented and established laboratories.

 5. Institute -Industry interaction by arranging study tours, industrials visits and seminars of industry experts, on advanced aspects and opportunities.

 6. Electronics and Telecommunication Students Association helps students for personality development and builds confidence in them.


To train students on advanced technologies in Electronics and Telecommunication to meet needs of industry, society and to be a centre of excellence.


 1. To develop the department as full-fledged centre of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

 2. To empower budding engineers to meet the growing needs of industry and society.

 3. To carry research through continuous interaction with research organizations and industry.



S.No. Name of classroom

Area in Sq.M.

1 Seminar Hall 132
2 Lecture Hall-07 87
3 Lecture Hall-08 87
4 Lecture Hall-09 87
5 Lecture Hall-13 87
6 Tutorial Room -1 33
7 Tutorial Room -2 33
8 Meeting Room 20
9 Department Office 20




S.No. Name of the Laboratory Area Total Investment
1 Embedded System Lab 67 Sq.m Rs.6,94,703/-
2 Digital and Broadband Communication Lab 67 Sq.m Rs.8,04,457/-
3 Communication Lab 85 Sq.m Rs.11,79,193/-
4 Microprocessor Lab 85 Sq.m Rs.9,01,186/-
5 EDC Lab 85 Sq.m Rs.5,36,599/-
6 Advanced Programming Lab 85 Sq.m Rs.7,98,345/-
7 Project Lab 85 Sq.m Rs.11,33,312/-
8 Audio & Video Lab 68 Sq.m Rs.7,01,620/-




S.No. Name of the Laboratory Area Total Investment
1 Advanced Communication Engineering 66 Sq.m Rs.9,01,679 /-
2 Research Lab 85 Sq.m Rs.8,64,928 /-



Curriculum Activities

Student Academic Achievements

S.No. Name of Event Organized by Year Name of Student Level Award
1 Techno-Spark2k19

[µC Master]
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s

College Of Engineering, Kolhapur
2018-19 Ms. Aishwarya S. Waidande

Ms. Pooja K. Todkar
National 1st   prize
2 Techno-Spark2k19

[Project Expo]
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s

College Of Engineering, Kolhapur.
2018-19 Mr. Suraj Siddheshwar Abdar

Mr. Nishant Namdev Arade

Mr. Akshay B. Chechar
National 1st   prize

Annasaheb Dange College Of Engineering & Technology, Ashta 2018-19 Mr. Suraj Siddheshwar Abdar

Mr. Nishant Namdev Arade

Mr. Akshay B. Chechar
National 1st   prize

Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Engineering and Technology, Warananagar 2017-18  Mr. Suraj N. Dinde

Mr.  Omkar Bhogam

Mr. Akash Sanjiv Chavan
National 1st   prize
1 Bharatiyam kala mohatsav

Bharati Kala Acadamy Pune 2017-18 Ms. Anuja A mane

Ms. Prashali S. shinde

Ms.Gayatri S. salokhe

Mr.Kauntey A.Dhadam
National 1st  Prize
2 Bharatiyam kala mohatsav

[Kalashree Karandak]
Bharati Kala Acadamy Pune 2017-18 Ms. Prashali S. shinde

Mr.Kauntey A.Dhadam
National 2nd  Prize
3 Lead College Matches


Shivaji University,

2017-18 Mr. Shubham Mali

Mr. Khalid Momin

Mr. Vishal Dharmadhikari
University Runner-Up

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