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DTE Institute Code: 6288

Civil Engineering


About the Department

Civil Engineering, the mother branch, has kept pace with the rapid growth in the field of technology. It is that branch of engineering which provides basic amenities required for the survival and maintenance of the environment.

The department has well qualified and experienced staff supported with well equipped laboratories, computing facilities and skilled laboratory staff to offer quality technical education.

The civil department has been offering consultancy services in testing of building material viz. steel, cement, bricks, etc., to several private sectors and the local contractors and builders.


To establish as a knowledge capital in civil engineering and to encourage students to be entrepreneurs for betterment of society.


  • To graduate highly competent and morally conscious Engineers.
  • To provide students with broad – based engineering education and basic intellectual as well as organizational skills.
  • To Motivate faculty and staff for selfless and honest contribution for all round development of students forecasting Industry Institute Interaction.



S.No. Name of the Laboratory Cost of Lab. (INR) Area (in sq.m.)
1 Strength of Material 5,02,494/- 95
2 Concrete Technology 6,67,471/- 66
3 Surveying Laboratory 7,68,792/- 80
4 Engineering geology laboratory 65,250/- 72
5 Transportation Engineering 1,09,751/- 72
6 Fluid mechanics laboratory 5,19,915/- 96
7 Geotechnical Engineering laboratory 7,53,017/- 93
8 Environmental Laboratory 3,91,117/- 160
9 CAD Laboratory 5,11,430/- 80
10 Model Room 1,36,000/- 72
11 Class rooms (3 nos.) - 72 each
12 Tutorial room - 52
13 Drawing Hall - 138
14 Seminar Hall - 132
15 HoD cabin - 18
16 Dept office - 20



S.No. Name of the Laboratory Name of Major Equipments
1 Strength of Materials UTM, Digital Oven
2 Surveying Total Station, Electronics Theodolite, Transit Theodolite, Auto Level, Dumpy level, GPS.
3 Fluid Mechanics Tilting flume, Metacentric Height, Pressure Measurement Device
4 Engineering Geology Rocks, Minerals, structural Models.
5 Computer Center Desktop, Printer
6 Concrete Technology Compression testing machine, Los angles abrasion test, concrete mixture, plate vibrator.
7 Geotechnical Engineering Permeability test, Triaxial shear test, Direct shear test, Standard Procter, Constant Over head, Electronic Balance, One Dimensional Consolidation
8 Environmental Engineering PH meter digital, BOD incubator, COD digester, Visible Spectrophotometer, Digital oven, Magnetic stirrer, various chemicals

Curriculum Activities

Curriculum Activities

Consultancy Work

S.No. Title Details
1 Testing of Building Materials (Destructive) Brick, Steel, Concrete, Cement, Aggregate, Metals Mix Design
2 Testing of Water Ph, Harness, Turbidity, BOD, COD, Conductivity
3 Site Survey Line outs, Conour Maps, Equipments on Hire
4 Testing of Soil Soil Classification, Determination of various engineering properties of soil

Student Participation/Winner in Technical Event (2018-19)

S.No. Date Name of Student Name of Event Level (College/Regional/State/National) Venue Achievement /participation
1 15-02-2019 Suraj Sunil Mane Vastu 2K19

Lead college RIT Sakharale Winner
2 14 to 17- 02-2019 Suraj Sunil Mane MIT Persona Fest 2019 National level MIT-ADT Pune First
3 1-03-2019 Suraj Sunil Mane Parikrama 2019 National level SETI Phanala second
4 2-03-2019 Suraj Sunil Mane Infratech 2K19 National level AMGOI,Wathar second
5 09-03-2019 Suraj Sunil Mane Invento2K19 State level D.Y Patil Salokhenagar Runner-up
6 09-03-2019 Swaranajali wakure Invento2K19 State level D.Y Patil  Salokhenagar Winner
7 27-01-2019 Sagar gaikwad Pioneeer 2k19

Column testing
National level KIT,Kolhapur Participation
8 27-01-2019 Sagar gaikwad Pioneeer 2k19

Cube testing
National level KIT,Kolhapur Participation
9 27-01-2019 Randive omkar Pioneeer 2k19

Column testing
National level KIT,Kolhapur Participation
10 22 to 23-02 2019 Randive omkar Concrete fest 2k19 National level SGI, Atigare Participation
11 09-03-2019 Suraj khade Invento2K19 State level D.Y Patil Salokhenagar Participation
12 7 to 8-03-2019 Suraj khade MUDRA2k19 Nationa level JJ Magdum ,Jaisingpur participation
13 11-01-2019 Shinde Rushikesh Technological innovation Sustainable development State level AMGOI,Wathar 1st

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